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October 24, 2007, 12:35 pm
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This is going to be an introduction for a few people and a reintroduction for a few more. My name is Nate Patrin, I’m 30 years old and I write about popular music. (This would make me a rock critic if rock was all I wrote about, but I don’t specialize in a single genre, which is bound to get me in trouble every so often. I’ll elaborate sometime.) My work currently appears in Pitchfork, City Pages and Paper Thin Walls, among other places. (DISCLAIMER RE THE PITCHFORK THING: I am required by law to clarify that this does not make me a hipster and/or snob and it is, in fact, actually impossible to be a hipster and/or snob if you unironically believe that Dark Side of the Moon is a great album.) This blog will contain further thoughts on pop music, as well as other areas of interest (film, baseball, video games, seething frustration). Most of these posts will not sound this stick-up-ass, I swear. I’m just kind of distracted by the fact that I’ve got to say something for a first post and maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead and put up a list of my ten favorite albums of all time. (NOTE: “all time” is subject to change and does not denote any sense of permanency or finality, much less an authoritative guide to albums you, the reader, are obligated to listen to and enjoy.)

John Coltrane, A Love Supreme
The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers
Funkadelic, Standing on the Verge of Getting It On
Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti
Prince, Purple Rain
Nas, Illmatic
OutKast, ATLiens
The Chemical Brothers, Dig Your Own Hole
Ghostface Killah, Supreme Clientele
Daft Punk, Discovery

Now you know everything you will ever need to learn about my musical taste and can assemble a perfect snapshot of my entire personality. Enjoy the blog.


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hello hello

Comment by Jay Smooth

Looking forward to reading the blog. Looks great. That Top 10 is un-fuckwithable. Ironically, I spent my entire morning trying to explain to someone that ATLiens is the best Outkast record. They answered “Aquemini.” I shrugged my shoulders and said “I don’t care, you and the rest of the world are wrong.”

I am glad to see someone else agrees with me.

Comment by Jeff

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