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November 20, 2007, 4:10 pm
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1: Rip off one of Leonard’s jokes without improving on it.
2: Finish my review of Distance’s My Demons, the best dubstep record of last late winter/early spring, for Pitchfork
3: Also review that new Common best-of, as attempted penance for mildly savaging Finding Forever (which is still terrible, sorry)
4: Somehow procure, listen to and dissect 8 Diagrams
5: Play and finish Mass Effect
6: Play and finish Super Mario Galaxy
7: Bring friends/beer over to play/finish Rock Band
8: Watch the DVD of Diva I bought in Seattle back in April
9: All kinds of crazy year-end music critic list crap
10: Get on the guest list to see M.I.A. at First Avenue
11: Come to think of it, I haven’t really finished Project Gotham Racing 4, either
12: Mull over the sad fact that I am a thirty year old man, one who considers himself somewhat worldly in a cultural sense, that still gets excited about video games
13: Finish reading the Charles Schulz book
14: Also The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
15: Also The Crying of Lot 49
16: Go through the knee-high stack of CDs I have yet to rip to my hard drive
17: Hem
18: Haw
19: Overuse strikethrough tag-assisted “most things on list crossed off are superficial/comedic tasks” gag
20: Find some way to clarify that putting a strikethrough through #10 means I actually already did get on the guest list for M.I.A. instead of meaning that I decided that I suddenly have crippling hipsterphobia and that I should stay home and listen to Real Proper Sincere Music instead, like the Smiths
21: Make fun of Smiths fans for overzealously liking a band with one good song
22: Piss off Smiths fans
23: Envy Christopher Weingarten
24: Remember that I write for him, albeit more sporadically than I should
25: Do google search for Firefox plugin that will prevent any and all “Family Guy” and “South Park”-related clips from showing up in the “Videos being watched right now” menu on YouTube
26: Listen to at least another three or four archived episodes of the Best Show on WFMU, preferably ones centered around the Gorch
27: Listen to that new Burial album front-to-back
28: Assemble all-time team of washed-up baseball players who were the shit when I was in junior high/high school*
29: Drink some beer
30: Overcome aversion to churning out pointless filler


C: Benito Santiago
1B: Kevin Maas
2B: Chuck Knoblauch
3B: Howard Johnson
SS: Walt Weiss
LF: Kevin Mitchell
CF: Roberto Kelly
RF: Darryl Strawberry
DH: Cecil Fielder

SP: Dwight Gooden
SP: Scott Erickson
SP: Pat Hentgen
SP: Jack McDowell
CL: Bobby Thigpen

MGR: Cito Gaston


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My dad spent the first six months of 1988 telling me that he was the starting shortstop for the Oakland Athletics. His actual name is Walt Weiss. No joke.

Also, the Common record still really really sucks. Though the Smiths do not.

Comment by Jeff

Obviously by “one good song” I mean “one song I like”, though I suppose if you account for some of the Smiths’ extra-musical influence I can’t really hate them completely.

Comment by natepatrin

Yeah, I completely understand why people hate the Smiths. Then again, I still defend the Doors to people, so I guess I’m just a sucker for melodramatic “crooners in the rock medium.” To quote Rip Torn in Wayne’s World 2.

Comment by Jeff

So many former Mets. Those were good times.

Okay, the times when Scott Erickson pitched for the Mets were not good times.

Comment by Joe

Oh man, did not know you blogged! I’m pretty sure I’m the pointless-filler-factory, not you, by the way

Comment by Roque S

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