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June 9, 2008, 7:14 pm
Filed under: Criticism, Music

What have I done for writer stuff recently? Uh.

PITCHFORK: The new Black Angels album is kinda boring. James Pants’ Welcome, despite being technically “worse” than Directions to See a Ghost, is most assuredly not boring. Ladytron’s Velocifero ain’t too shabby. Steinski’s best-of is essential. The Electro Box is a little less so, which is good because it’s probably impossible to find now. And Quiet Village’s Silent Movie is really great, even after I found out where all the samples came from and how little they changed them. Also I’m going to the Pitchfork Music Festival this year, because I have never seen Public Enemy or Cut Copy or Boris or Spoon or King Khan & His Shrines live and I’d really like to. Also, if you want to track me down and harangue me for not liking an album you love, I will be easy to spot. Just look for the guy who looks exactly like Jim DeRogatis and also is wearing a nametag that says “Jim DeRogatis”.

CITY PAGES: I contribute a factually-shaky but photo-riddled writeup of George Clinton & P-Funk at First Ave (NOTE: someone else took the photos; the factual errors are mine alone). I also have a photo-deficient but presumably less erroneous geekout over El-P and Dizzee Rascal at the Triple Rock. Also, I say hurtful things about a mediocre auto-racing video game.

PAPER THIN WALLS: I like Men Without Pants — wait, that didn’t sound right, did it? Shit. In other news, I am not big on Chin Chin. And a Can Ox pseudo-reunion? Shit, sign me up. Plus extra bonus fawning over Quiet Village.

eMUSIC: Fat Ray & Black Milk. Rap!

FINALLY: I kind of, sort of, accidentally pseudo-wrote the hook to the hott new Best Show on WFMU-constructed Ted Leo & the Pharmacists superjam, “The World Is in the Turlet”. Long story short, this was a listener-aided effort to collectively write a song for TLRX, and not realizing the gravity of the situation I phoned in with some sub-Meltzer doggerel that Rob Zombie might have possibly fished out of his trashbasket in a desperate attempt to finish the title song to the soundtrack for his upcoming film Satan Bastard Murder Jerks. A bit later I called in to apologize, offered a more generic lyrical contribution that went unused, and noted the fact that the song seemed to be building around the idea of how “the world’s going down the toilet”. Tom picked up that ball and ran with it, so now I kind of feel like that Daily Mail reporter who wrote the news story about the pothole problem in Blackburn. Except that this song doesn’t end one of the most overrated albums ever.


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