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April 13, 2009, 6:24 pm
Filed under: Criticism

I’m going to this year’s EMP Pop Conference up in Seattle, which has become a sort of annual tradition since I have friends who live up there or are otherwise attending, plus maybe this will be the year I work up the nerve to talk to Robert Christgau for more than two minutes. I have also pledged to catch Laser Daft Punk at the Seattle Laser Dome, because, c’mon, it’s Laser Daft Punk. I may blog from the road if anything particularly interesting happens; otherwise you can catch me engaging in miscellaneous Twitteration.


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Hey Nate

I hope all is well

I have read a lot of your reviews and dig them. I represent a number of producers in techno space – Damian Lazarus, Konrad Black, Guy Gerber, Droog, Lee Foss – i was hoping to get an email where i could send you promo material.

Hope to hear from you soon



Comment by Alastair Duncan

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