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November 20, 2007, 4:10 pm
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1: Rip off one of Leonard’s jokes without improving on it.
2: Finish my review of Distance’s My Demons, the best dubstep record of last late winter/early spring, for Pitchfork
3: Also review that new Common best-of, as attempted penance for mildly savaging Finding Forever (which is still terrible, sorry)
4: Somehow procure, listen to and dissect 8 Diagrams
5: Play and finish Mass Effect
6: Play and finish Super Mario Galaxy
7: Bring friends/beer over to play/finish Rock Band
8: Watch the DVD of Diva I bought in Seattle back in April
9: All kinds of crazy year-end music critic list crap
10: Get on the guest list to see M.I.A. at First Avenue
11: Come to think of it, I haven’t really finished Project Gotham Racing 4, either
12: Mull over the sad fact that I am a thirty year old man, one who considers himself somewhat worldly in a cultural sense, that still gets excited about video games
13: Finish reading the Charles Schulz book
14: Also The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
15: Also The Crying of Lot 49
16: Go through the knee-high stack of CDs I have yet to rip to my hard drive
17: Hem
18: Haw
19: Overuse strikethrough tag-assisted “most things on list crossed off are superficial/comedic tasks” gag
20: Find some way to clarify that putting a strikethrough through #10 means I actually already did get on the guest list for M.I.A. instead of meaning that I decided that I suddenly have crippling hipsterphobia and that I should stay home and listen to Real Proper Sincere Music instead, like the Smiths
21: Make fun of Smiths fans for overzealously liking a band with one good song
22: Piss off Smiths fans
23: Envy Christopher Weingarten
24: Remember that I write for him, albeit more sporadically than I should
25: Do google search for Firefox plugin that will prevent any and all “Family Guy” and “South Park”-related clips from showing up in the “Videos being watched right now” menu on YouTube
26: Listen to at least another three or four archived episodes of the Best Show on WFMU, preferably ones centered around the Gorch
27: Listen to that new Burial album front-to-back
28: Assemble all-time team of washed-up baseball players who were the shit when I was in junior high/high school*
29: Drink some beer
30: Overcome aversion to churning out pointless filler


C: Benito Santiago
1B: Kevin Maas
2B: Chuck Knoblauch
3B: Howard Johnson
SS: Walt Weiss
LF: Kevin Mitchell
CF: Roberto Kelly
RF: Darryl Strawberry
DH: Cecil Fielder

SP: Dwight Gooden
SP: Scott Erickson
SP: Pat Hentgen
SP: Jack McDowell
CL: Bobby Thigpen

MGR: Cito Gaston