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July 16, 2008, 11:42 am
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As I mentioned previously, I am going to be in Chicago at the Pitchfork Music Festival from Thursday evening through Monday morning. I think I’ve lucked out with this year’s schedule, since not only are there few-to-no moments where I am stuck with having to choose between three bands I don’t care about, there are also few moments where I have to make a super-tough decision that will lead me to completely miss a band I like. (The biggest conundrums are the Hold Steady at 7pm vs. Jarvis Cocker at 8pm on Saturday, which should be solvable by the fact that the Hold Steady comes to the Twin Cities a lot more frequently than Jarvis Cocker, and Sunday’s Cut Copy vs. Spoon conflict. There’s also the potential downer of having to leave an hour into Boris’ set to catch King Khan & the Shrines.)