nate patrin.

June 20, 2008, 8:35 am
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For addressing one of my primary linguistic concerns. As someone who has been needlessly referred to with this word on more than one occasion in electronic correspondence (usually coupled with its long-suffering running buddy, “hipster”), I hold out hope that this backlash against a worn-out term — the ninja/pirate/robot/zombie reference of calling people out on their shitheadedness — eventually causes usage of this word to subside, though there’s probably no stopping it becoming as indelibly fused to this decade as “gnarly” or “groovy” or “daddy-o” were to theirs.

Meanwhile, here’s some words you may want to use instead when the opportunity to namecheck feminine hygiene products arises:

-smarmy-ass motherfucker
-popped-collar prick
-knob (efficient, succint and fun to say!)