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2008 SO FAR
January 15, 2008, 3:16 pm
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Del! Atmosphere! Caroline! The Idolator Pop ’07 deal!

Also: watched The Long Goodbye, Two-Lane Blacktop, The Third Man and the Final Cut of Blade Runner. Two of these movies feature memorably colorful cinematography, one of these movies features memorable black-and-white cinematography, two revolve around dead(?) best friends with questionable morality issues, three feature people being fatally shot (note: definition of “people” may vary), two take place in Los Angeles, two have reoccurring theme songs that have become inextricably wedged in my head, two of them feature lead actors who spend most of their dialogue mumbling inarticulately, two of them feature a lead or co-lead character that I would spend an evening just watching spin bullshit-laden stories for two hours, two feature cats as memorable plot devices, two are Criterion editions, one features Arnold Schwarzenegger in weird-looking ’70s underpants, one features prominent product placement for companies or corporations that no longer exist today despite taking place over a decade from now, and one is probably the only thing prominently featuring James Taylor that I will ever own, much less enjoy.

And: I pre-ordered No More Heroes, which promises to be all kinds of weird. Some sources say that the “gameplay” is a mixed bag, at least according to the kinds of people who think “gameplay” is some rigid idea of Miyamoto-or-bust Innovation! (NOTE: Innovation copyright first-party Nintendo franchises and 10-year-old PC titles; all rights reserved) and not a  preferably (if not necessarily) entertaining diversion on the road to experiencing the fun of a completely ridiculous mise-en-scene.