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April 1, 2008, 11:07 am
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My April Fool’s joke: I’m posting to my blog! Oh man you totally got deked outta your shoes there.

Writerly matters first: some guy on Pitchfork (me) thinks you should get the new Lyrics Born album. And if you’ve got some eMusic downloads left over after that, you might as well get the reissue of Sonic Sum’s Films, Guilty Simpson’s Ode to the Ghetto and Blu & Exile’s Below the Heavens.

I typically visit Joe Posnanski’s blog when I want to be enlightened in matters of baseball geekery, but sometimes he’ll lead me to get some entirely different notions running through my head — like today, when he put up a huge list of “Who’s Better” arguments that, since this is the internet, will probably result in a deluge of “you are a crazy person and also wrong”-type argumentation, though I figure it’ll at least be pretty civilized compared to some of the other places I’ve seen this kinda stuff go down. So I thought up a few of my own — and by “a few” I mean way too many — because making people argue is fun.

Bullitt vs. Ronin (and, as a corollary, that scene in Ronin vs. this one)
Godard vs. Truffaut
Halo vs. Half-Life
tuna melt vs. pesto turkey sub (anyone who’s had both of these at Pizza Luce in the Twin Cities will know what I’m talking about)
Nas vs. Jay-Z
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo vs. Subaru Impreza
Sabbath vs. Zeppelin
Jackie Chan vs. Jet Li
Jonathan Lethem vs. Michael Chabon
“The Jean Genie” vs. “Block Buster”
Ferrari 330P 3/4 vs. Ford GT40
Philadelphia vs. New Jersey
Parliament vs. Funkadelic
Metroid vs. Castlevania
Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk
King Tubby vs. Lee Scratch Perry
Nike vs. Adidas
Paul Klee vs. Wassily Kandinsky
Minneapolis vs. St. Paul
Catch-22 vs. Slaughterhouse-Five
Salsoul vs. Italo-disco
The Venture Bros. vs. The Tick
Michaelangelo Matos the writer vs. Michaelangelo Matos the b-boy